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Guided Sauna Session With Nick Tettersell


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Rejuvenate your January with a therapeutic guided sauna session on Saturday 27th January at 10 am.

The Guided Sauna Sessions with Nick Tettersell go beyond the traditional sauna experience. Nick’s guided sessions are carefully curated to create a holistic wellness experience, combining the ancient practice of sauna bathing with modern techniques for ultimate mind-body harmony.

The Experience:

Step into a sanctuary of warmth and tranquility as Nick leads you through a tailored sauna session.

The sensory one-and-a-half-hour experience will take place in and out of the sauna, involving salt scrubs, salt inhalations and whisks (small bundles of birch, oak and other tree species and herbs).

The swimming pool and cold water showers will bring out the hot/cold health benefits engrained in Nordic lore.


Detoxify Your Body: Sweating is nature’s way of cleansing. Guided sauna sessions help you flush out toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Stress Relief: Say goodbye to the pressures of daily life. The guided sessions are designed to promote mental relaxation and alleviate stress, providing a peaceful escape from the outside world.

Improved Circulation: The heat stimulates blood flow, promoting better circulation and enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your body’s cells.

Mind-Body Connection: Connect with your inner self in a serene environment. Our guided meditations and mindfulness practices enhance the sauna experience, fostering a deeper mind-body connection.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday 27th January

Time: 10 – 12 a.m.

Location: Scorrier House

Session Duration: 1.30 – 2 hours

What to Bring: Swimwear, towel, sandals or flip-flops, a water bottle, and an open mind ready for relaxation.

How to Reserve Your Spot:

Spaces are limited to 6 people, so secure your spot now.

Sorry this event is now sold out


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