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Scorrier House


The Williams’s of Cornwall are renowned for their gardens. Scorrier House garden once employed William Lobb, one of the great Victorian nurserymen, botanists and plant hunters who ventured around the world bringing back exotic species to decorate Scorrier’s garden.

Lobb’s own fame came from importing the Araucaria Araucana, otherwise known as the Monkey Puzzle as its brunches ‘would puzzle even a monkey’. The first Monkey Puzzle in Britain was grown at Scorrier House garden and was the largest in the country until it fell during a gale in February 2015.

The garden remains an evolving timepiece. Wonder around its winding paths, through old walled gardens and wild meadows to stumble across some undocumented curiosity such as the Celtic crosses or the diary folly. A path lined with Camellias was described in 1881 as, ‘one of the finest and best managed Camellia Walks in Britain’.


Scorrier’s garden is certainly loved: here and there you will see recent additions between carefully maintained borders, flowering urns and radiant vistas. Cornwall’s temperate climate allows Mediterranean species to thrive and you will therefore find palm trees, magnolias and other vibrant plants around every overgrown corner and through every hidden doorway.



Tours or private visits can be arranged to visit Scorrier Garden. It is not open to the public apart from specific days during the year. Please keep an eye on our blog for public openings or contact us for further details.

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