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Ecstatic Dance at Scorrier House


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Join us for an evening of ecstatic dance, an event that is part dance party, part rave-ritual, and part movement meditation, on Thursday 30th November led by Rave OM.

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The two-hour ecstatic dance session is an invitation to let go in a non-judgemental space, unwinding your body and mind as we come together to celebrate the magic of movement. Our handpicked line-up of talented DJs will curate an unforgettable blend of soul-stirring tunes, creating a seamless fusion of world rhythms, tribal beats, and electronic vibrations with all genres in play. There are no prescribed steps or rules – simply surrender to the dance and allow the music to be your guide. Our dance floor is sacred, and we celebrate through the language of the body.

Scorrier House’s lush gardens and magical landscapes form the backdrop for this evening of uninhibited movement, vibrant rhythms, and pure expression. There is also the option to rejuvenate before or after the dance with a swim and sauna, or simply enjoy a stroll through the beautiful grounds of Scorrier Estate.

Whether you’re a conscious dance veteran or completely new to ecstatic dance, this event is open to everyone, creating a welcoming vibe for all ages and backgrounds. A perfect place to meet others and connect, have an evening out with loved ones, or to just have time and space for yourself. Our intention is that you leave your worries behind, unleash your spirit, and feel part of this transformative celebration.

Event Schedule

Dance: 18:30-20:30

Please, feel free to come earlier if you want to take some time to arrive and settle, there are plenty of green areas if you wish to walk or sit down and unwind before the event.

Limited spots available! Secure your place now for an experience that will leave you glowing with euphoria.

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What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is a non religious free-form dance inviting people to connect to themselves and to others through music and movement. All emotions and feelings are encouraged. It takes place over a 2-hour live DJ set and starts and finishes with a short opening and closing circle led by a ‘ceremony leader’ who is another dancer who is there to facilitate the opening and closing of the dance. There is no teacher as such, but we ask you to follow a few guidelines:

l) No talking on the dancefloor – if you “must” use words, please do so at the very back of the space, whispering so that no one else may hear. Thank You.

2) Be your authentic self – Don’t show up in having drunk or used any non-prescribed substances- even naturally occurring hippy validated ones such as weed or hape. Move However You Wish – Accept Others – Without Judgement

3) Respect the space No Photos/Videos/Shoes/Scents (Turn Phones to SILENT)

When approaching others:

Resect the Solo Dancers’ Right to their own Space

Continuously Listen for the ‘Yes’ (eye contact, they are coming closer), Respect any ‘No’ (like when they are ignoring you or making the prayer gesture ????????)

Hands in prayer at heart means: “l see you, and thank you, but I am not ready to dance with you.

4) Enjoy your Journey – May it be Medicinal (!)

Because our space is therapeutic in its allowance of all emotions we will have trauma informed volunteers on hand to support you should you need some support, but they will only assist if you explicitly ask them for support.


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